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good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. there are three investigations underway this morning into the fatal police shooting of a man in san francisco. the police department. the d.a. and the office of citizens complaints looking into what happened yesterday in the city's bay view neighborhood. there are questions this morning about whether the victim had a gun and fired at police as he was running away from them. extra officers had to be called in to control an angry crowd at the scene near third street and oakdale avenue. >> moments after the shooting a bystander was recording a video of the scene at the bayview district. it was deadly conclusion of an encounter that started on the platform of the "t" line street car. they were doing inspections to make sure that riders had paid their fares.
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they stopped a is the-year-old man who suddenly bolted. >> the suspect fled on foot. during the course of the foot suspect, we believe the suspect fired backwards at the officer and the officers returned fire and he was struck and wounded. >> he was pronounced dead. residents say the teenager did not fire, only the police did. >> he got on his knees and did like that in this spot. >> henry taylor says he saw it unfold from a bunch at the muni stop. >> like i said it started off with a chase. i just seen shots go forward and didn't see shots coming bang sclardz they checked the rooftops but would not say if they found a weapon that might have belonged to the suspect. as angry residents gathered police brought in other districts for crowd control. police were asked if someone in
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the crowd might have grabbed the gun off the crowd. >> officers are talking to folks in the neighborhood. we have officers looking for anybody or witnesses that may have information. >> one of the officers may have fired a shot and on paid administrative leave. investigations are under way by the d.a. office and office of citizen complaints. >> we spoke with the man who shot video of incident. he disagrees with the police account that the suspect was shooting back at them. >> he was running. how could he have shot in retreat? he wasn't running backwards and turning around shooting. he was in full throttle running away from the police. i don't see it. >> police maintain the teenager fired at them and the officer returned fire in self-defense. angry demonstrators continued to protest in the streets into the
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wee hours of the morning. police were called at 16th and valencia street shortly before 1:00 a.m. where a crowd had tipped over trashcans and expressed outrage about the earlier shootings. officers in riot gear patrolled the neighborhood and protestors dispersed without any arrests. >> hayward police are investigating the fatal shooting of a close friend of oscar grant. someone fired at a car in the evening as he sat at a gas station. he was on the train in 2009 when oscar grant was shot and killed by bart police officer johannes mehserle. they gathered last night at gas station where he was found to say goodbye. >> we love him. what happened to him should not have happened, but i can finally say he is at rest now. he is at rest and he will be buried right next to oscar. he has a plot right next to
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oscar. very best friend. >> police still don't know the motive, but don't think the shooting was random. causewell had a $5 million civil suit pending against bart claiming he was mistreated during the new year's day alter kiag is. >> a 12-year-old remains in the hospital this morning after he was hit by an suv while riding his bike. doctors now say he is expected to survive his injuries. the incident happened yesterday in the 1500 block of hicks avenue. they interviewed the 32-year-old driver of the suv at the scene. they do not suspect alcohol or drugs were involved, but they still haven't determined the cause of the collision. one cyclist who lives nearby that cars often drive too fast down street. >> people started getting ticketed. people go way too fast. if a car was going to hit something and blow up, they
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would drive more careful. >> a portion of hicks avenue was shut down in both directions for several hours during that investigation. no new leads this morning in the disappearance nursing student of michelle le. volunteers searched parts of hayward and on friday. they are offering $100,000 reward for any information about her disappearance. poly klass foundation has taken a large role in strategizing the effort. >> i don't think any of us want michelle forgotten. someone saw that vehicle, someone saw something that night and i think law enforcement would want those people to present that information. >> hayward police have classified the case as murder investigation. le was last seen seven weeks ago at hayward's kaiser hospital.
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her car was found parked and locked nearby. >> it looks like los angeles is avoiding the epic traffic jam called carmageddon. it's closed for 53 hours where they partially demolish the muholand bridge. >> for weeks now they predicted doomsday turning a highway construction project into a moment of public panic. >> now is the hour. we're asking all of you to cooperate. >> los angeles heeded the warnings. along sunset boulevard people are actually walking. at burbank jet blue flight 405 was full of passengers on the ultimate short hall to long beach, flight time nine minutes, tickets $4. they are breathing a tentative sigh of relief that carmageddon may not spoil their bellaire
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wedding. >> one thing they will remember, not how beautiful we look but because of the 405. >> a few brave souls ventured out on the 405 without cars. >> we met one skateboarder who roede down from mulholland drive. he calls himself commander bob. chp was not impressed. >> you told by law enforcement, use common sense. it's really a long way. >> now we know. >> all right. >> that was abc david wright reporting. it's expected to open at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. the bay area has its own road closure this morning, nothing like that. highway 1 between lake street and the golden gate bridge is closed in both directions for another couple of hours until 11:00 this morning. the closure will allow crews to shift traffic to a new bridge on
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presidio boulevard. >> caltrans will have to do major surgery on the san mateo bridge to repair a cracked beam that was put in place in a 1999 retrofit project. today's chronicle reports that the bridge will have to be closed for two weekends next year to do the job. a wishbone shaped piece of steel has developed a ten inch crack. a temporary fix has been made. the permanent repair job is estimated at $12 million. >> up next, less than two weeks after being acquitted of murdering her daughter, casey anthony is freed from jail early this morning. and a volcano shows off its power this morning in indonesia, days after coming bac [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love.
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a san rafael man is due in court tuesday morning to answer charges of making death threats against senator barbara boxer. staffers contacted police after a caller left threatening voice messages last week. an investigation identified the caller as kevin joseph o'connell. he was arrested yesterday and has been booked into the marin county jail. contra costa times reports that his bail is set at half a million dollars. >> casey anthony is free woman this morning. she was last seen boarding a private plane in or land hoe, florida after being released
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from jail after midnight. as you know anthony was acquitted in the death of her daughter by a jury of her peers but many think she got away with murder. >> casey anthony's first taste of freedom in nearly three years. hinged with unmistakable with fear. a 12 second walk. $537 in her pocket and trusted attorneys by her side. she walked with purpose from the blue doors of orange county jail through the fluorescent lights without commented. staring straight ahead and no stops and whispered thank you to the sergeant of the heavily armed special response team that protected her as she emerged into another chaotic scene. >> more than a hundred behind plastic barricades came to watch and jeer ed her release.
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>> so we are here. >> reporter: a reception she did not the miss to an idling suv that sped off into the night. trailed by helicopters into downtown where she switched vehicles at one of her attorney's offices and disappeared into the night. they say she went to a private plane that took her to destinations unknown leaving behind her childhood home where she gave birth to caylee. the complaints of neighbors nowhere she is headed. >> it's really not right. >> three outsiders were allowed inside to watch her release. a reporter and two cameraman and said it was very quick with no side show. >> she made a beeline to the
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door. >> she was tunnel vision to the door. that is when i saw that smile of relief, she saw freedom. >> now another challenge, safety. her attorney will say two places where she may be going, at home with her parents or native puerto rico. jim avila, abc news. >> an island volcano in central indonesia released possible powerful eruption this morning. it rumbled back to life late last week. a series of blast have sent debris more than 11,000 feet into the air. more than 33,000 people live on the volcano's slopes. about 5,000 have been evacuated since the eruption begin.
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>> kind of gray and gloom any mi around the bay area. >> we have sunshine rite way out there in vacaville. it's going to could you remember way. we have changes coming in the seven-day outlook. it's 60 degrees in oakland. i'll be back with a look at warmer coming up. >> also barry zito returning to his hometown and to his old form getting rocked by the padres. we got highlights coming up in this morning's sports.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a computer aboard the space shuttle atlantis that failed last week is giving a clean bill of health. they believe an unknown hardware glitch shut the computer down. computer number four will be reassigned a new rule. guidance and navigation and control functions will be driven by a different computer when it returns to earth on thursday to complete the final shuttle mission. about 25,000 people are expected to gather in golden gate park this morning for the annual san francisco aid walk. for the past 25 years people have been walking to raise money for aids service organizations.
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in that time, 74 amendment have been raised to help fight the spread of disease and make sure they get the care they need. every day in san francisco, two more people are infected with hiv and rates are rising among gay and by sexual men. >> it will support aids foundation and 38 other service organizations across the bay area. there is dan ashley speaking last year. the ceremonies begin at 9:hab this morning and walk kicks off at 10:30. >> i guess, wear a hat or take a jacket or something. >> the drizzle is out there along with the cloud cover. not until about 2:00 or 3:00 where we see partly cloudy skies. at golden gate bridge, the fog is lifting a little bit. a lot of drizzle and a lot of light rain. here is a look from vollmer peak
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and sunlight is trying to get through the clouds. sunshine out by the delta and breezy winds, numbers in the 60s. 59 in concord, 59 in san rafael with low 60s in los gatos and san jose. highlights with the morning clouds. there are areas of drizzle, afternoon sunshine for most. temperatures will still be cool right on through tuesday. then a bit of a warmup coming our way mid-week. we'll talk about subtle changes day to day. take a look at deep trough, more like a springtime or late winter trough that continues to rotate and slide to the south. east of here, you heard about the huge ridge and the scorching heat wave that is over much of the nation. this trough is going to settle on in and lift on out by tuesday. as it does we will get a little bit of warmth moving our way allowing temperatures to come up maybe 5-6 degrees.
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but between now and then, we're going to have generous marine sea breeze with numbers on the border of the 70s and 80s. 60s will be pervasive around the east bay and north bay with the clouds hanging along the coast here, numbers only in the 50s. i think we may break into sunshine late day today in the city. numbers are finally over the 90-degree mark in the san joaquin valley. 91 in fresno. 84 in sacramento and unless yosemite. really not too hot. some places enjoying a mild temperatures, but back home we're looking at numbers coming up a few degrees here in the south bay. 77 santa clara and sunnyvale 74. on the peninsula pretty gray most of the morning and then by noontime we should see more sunshine. by the afternoon 70 in redwood city. 62 in downtown.
9:23 am
so numbers here, not bad but a lot of gray throughout the morning hours. hopefully getting partly sunny skies by 2:00 or 3:00. 74 in sonoma with low 70s by vallejo. look at all the 60s but we should be getting to 70 in castro valley and fremont. out over the hills, quite pleasant, 74 in danville, 77 in pleasanton. with 80 in antioch today. down by the monterey bay, look for 68 in watsonville. accu-weather seven-day forecast, we should be enjoying a little bit warmer weather and slightly warmer weather is on the way after monday into tuesday, we should see the trough lift out and few 90s, but that is where we should be this time of the year. we're due for some warm weather. >> what can you do about it? >> i'll keep working on. >> it i know you are keeping an eye on this.
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in sports, go team america, later this morning, the u.s. women's soccer team will try to complete what has been a imagine dal round with a win over japan they are hoping in the final. last night, barry zito's magical round since returning from the disabled list came to a screeching halt in san diego. here is colin. >> padres entered the game against the giants having failed to hit multiple home runs in 66 games. i just jinxed barry zito. coming off the disabled list but looked sharp until last night. first inning, guzman, he is not a home run hitter, a three-run homer is gone, second of the year. guzman had him dialed in. singles to left in the third, jason bartlett comes from around
9:25 am
from second. orlando hudson not known for his power, he takes zito out of the yard, another 3-1 shot. padres 11, giants 3. >> it's '80s weekend and m.c. hammer. a's and angels playing their first doubleheader. gonzalez and with the goof ball handshake of the season. this is the best they can come up with? come on guys. angels leading it's a one-run game. ninth inning, bobby hits one, 4-2. a's winless in the last four games. >> bottom of the four, 2-1 angels.
9:26 am
a two r.b.i. single that drops in right. one scores to tie it up. move to the sixth, a's leading 3-2. vernon wells on rich harden second deck, a solo shot. game is tied at 3, two on and two out. scott sizemore, game winner and in comes pennington. 4-3 to final. >> to soccer, earthquake in columbus to meet the crew. mendoza, john with the kick save but second straight game. earthquakes involving in a scoreless draw. >> at&t park converted from a field to a pitch, mexico's club of america facing manchester city in a world challenge. here is a beautiful strike from outside the box. and 2-0 win in front of 11,000 last night. >> reminder, team u.s.a. will
9:27 am
face japan later this morning and the game can be seen at 11:45 on espn. tune in tonight and we'll have highlights and reaction from the women's cup. have a great day everyone. >> next at 9:30. debt showdown continues with more tough talk from both sides of the aisle. >> a great deal on a new home. why these homes are so cheap. denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great.
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at welcome back. the debt showdown continues in washington. president obama and republicans are repeating the arguments they have been making for days and as david curley reports, ordinary americans are fed up with the gridlock. >> reporter: after five meetings in five days the president is still pleading for compromise. >> i put things on the table
9:30 am
that is important for democrats and i expect republican leaders to do the same. >> reporter: he asked for a plan that both sides can support but the white house seems satisfied they have been in touch with congress about various options. taxes seem the sticking point. >> it's republicans, as well. >> two-thirds of americans say there needs to be cuts and tax increases to reduce the difficult the deficit. but eric cantor a player at the bargaining table has refused to consider any taxes. frustrating the president and democrats who called him childish. cantor's area district some are embarrassed by his stance. they just want a deal. >> just get it done. stop playing around. it's like playing a game of free tag. >> 20% of republicans nationwide and appellant in his district
9:31 am
say -- and plenty in his district say no taxes. >> stay on your ground. we have to do something with the budget. >> they want to do something with the debt ceiling and the deficit. the white house wants a deal by friday. >> as the clock keeps ticking to the august 2nd deadline, both republicans and democrats promise it will get done. white house budget director and republican senator jon kyl appeared on abc's this week. >> unless the president gets off his absolute obsession with raising taxes, republicans are not going to agree to do anything that will harm our economy. job killing taxes will harm our economy, so there will be not be a default but as to whether or not we can achieve savings in the process, again, depends on
9:32 am
the president. >> i think the president has shown that he is willing to move into a space that is very hard place for democrats to go. the challenges can we find a place where there will be some kind of fairness and balance. your leadership takes partnership, as well. the president has shown a willingness to go there. we need a partner to work with. >> as both sides continue to hash things out, president obama is showing gains by independent voters by his willingness to move to the middle. >> foreclosed homes are being auctioned off at record low prices. this weekend the competition was intense. lisa amin gulezian takes to us an auction in oakland where first time home buyers were trying to outbid determined investors. >> the talk is fast and the numbers keep climbing. >> $270,000. >> this is a public auction of foreclosed homes.
9:33 am
>> for $275,000, sold. >> 57 homes went on the auction block including sonoma, santa cruz and san an stel sell mow. some bidding started at $19,000 once worth $280,000. >> she bought her first home today. it's a three bedroom house in antioch. she hasn't had a permanent home in months and stayed with friends to save money. the starting bid was $25,000. >> how much did you get it for? >> 150, i was very comfortable with that price. i'm going to live there a long time. >> but there weren't all happy endings. they had their heart set on lot 27 a three bedroom home in san leandro. >> it was laid out and kind of open so we can watch her and had
9:34 am
a garage. >> so it was perfect. >> yeah. >> the young family was outbid by someone who bought it as an investment property. >> for people like us that both have steady jobs but we don't have a lot saved because we are a new family. >> investors come in and buy it it's a little discouraging. >> the audience here is split. there are several investors and about dozen regular people who just want to own a house. but according to golden gate university school of business, professional investors are exactly what the housing market needs. >> for right now, investors are in a better position to move quickly with cash. frankly the sooner they clear the market the better. >> lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." >> first time home buyers have a chance for a great deal in sunnyvale. it's part of the below market rate program, starting tomorrow, buyers who are eligible can put down $50 and get into a lottery. the winners will be able to
9:35 am
purchase one of five single family homes ranging from $433,000 to $468,000. about half of what these homes should sell for. applications will be accepted july 18th through the 25th at sunnyvale city hall. they call it sunnyvale. i don't know how sunny it is today or anyplace else. >> it will be sunny a little later. it will take us a little while to get out of the rut we are in. emeryville, 60 degrees and we will be looking at a brighter afternoon. warmer temperatures, stay tuned. we'll talk about that next. we'll also talk about sounds of the sea that are putting whales in jeopardy off the
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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the game of sock are is about teamwork. but this summer program proves one player with passion can lead many teams to victory. he was 15 when he had an idea to give back to his community playing a sport he loves. >> i have been in soccer and there is underprivileged kids and at risk teens that need help. a lot of these guys love soccer. >> its soccer camp called kick, lead and dream. it's run by volunteers and free for the kids. when he launched his plan it was a small group. now, the fields of filled with 300 campers and 75 high school coaches including those wanting to bring the dream full circle.
9:39 am
>> now it's hard to believe in college he is launching his third start-up. >> his latest business venture will be available later this month. >> it's a revolutionary way for college students to be able to share pictures and videos with each other and selectively share them with groups. >> he comes from a family of entrepreneurs. his father created wmv but 16-year-old is taking over at the soccer camp where. >> kick lead and dream is an environment where kids can be kids and not even know they are learning valuable lessons. when you start young, a simple goal can score a legacy by age 19. i was just telling lisa i have a brother visiting from town from atlanta and he loves the lower temperatures. >> he will love the text couple
9:40 am
of days. we are still running cooler than average. sunshine in the sierra nevada with 55 in truck key and low 50s in tahoe airport going to high of 74 today. by the end of the week, you will feel warmth in the mountains but 70s right you on through the week. back home, look at all the gray. the embarcadero but you can see a few peeks in the cloud deck there. we will be looking at things to clear out here later on this afternoon. so bit of improvement and that will be trend as we head through the next week. in fact we'll even talk about warmer temperatures. waive got 60s around the bay. 62 in mountain view. 60 in livermore. the sun is shining out to vacaville and fairfield and we will look for the fog to begin to lift and drizzle to evaporate. more sunshine this afternoon but temperatures pretty much the same.
9:41 am
maybe a couple degrees warmer but overall the cooling trend takes us through the early part of the week and we'll get out of the trough after trough and privilege will build in slightly. you can see it on the water vapor imagery, this continues to dominate our weather not only in our area but the entire state. southern california, really cool but parts of the deserted affected by the huge ridge. we'll be looking at temperatures there in the triple-digits but for us the sex next several days we are looking at the area of low pressure keeping temperatures cooler than average. but really the folks well inland and in the central valley enjoying a mild day. we need to look at the cloudy skies right along the coast. the coast and our beaches will remain cool. once again, mainly 60s and 80s around the bay. few areas not clearing but
9:42 am
couple of 80s sneak go into into the delta. eventually we're going to see some of those move closer to the bay. we will be looking at most of the warmth to the south and east of us with triple-digits and mild temperatures the central coast into central california. 84 in yosemite and 84 in sack oh. so that is nice switch. it's only 85 in chico. we're looking at a sunny afternoon and temperatures a few degrees warmer in campbell at 78. py, 73, nice mild afternoon for you. cloudy in daly city. 55, airport delays over an hour at sfo. ceilings will lift this afternoon, 73 in santa rosa and mid and on upper 60s through san leandro and out over the hills numbers coming in the mid-70s for danville and dublin. 82 in brentwood, still cloudy along the central coast and 83 in gilroy. so we're not out of this pattern
9:43 am
quite yet. it will be tuesday and wednesday when we see the change and less of the low clouds and then temperatures, the spread widening to the 90s inland with 60s at our coast. beyond that, we are looking at maybe a warmup in the next ten days or so. >> after we get rid of trough after trough. >> the world's oceans are becoming an increasingly dangerous place for wheils that are threatened by pollution, sonar, climate changes and environmentalists are worried about noise from ships. in fact for example 3500 big ships come to the bay area every year. dan ashley reports on making the oceans quieter. >> a few miles outside the golden gate. this boat of whale watchers got a special treat. in in addition to sees humpback
9:44 am
whales they got to hear them. this video was shot by pacific environment the sound was recorded with an underwater microphone. >> we rely on our eyes to see but in the ocean, a darkened environment it's all about sounds. >> whales need sound for just about every part of their lives, from finding food to caring for their young but it's getting harder for whales to hear. she is with green peace and working with environmental organizations studying ocean noise and whales. >> with so many ships in the ocean coming and going, it's created a tremendous amount of noise. it's a particular noise in that same frequency range that is utilized by whales. those are it's what we have in san francisco and off the coast of california, humpbacks, grays, fins, many of which are highly
9:45 am
endangered. >> abc news went along with jackie in a tour boat to listen firsthand. we are along a protected area outside the golden gate. a major shipping lane runs right through the sanctuary. >> we're going to throw it overboard. >> the underwater microphone picks up the sound of a nearby container ship. >> when we have the sounds of ships such as this, i think we have thousands of, it's flooding this ocean world with this constant fog of noise. >> no one knows for certain if or how that noise has contributed to the wave of ships hitting whales but a biologist for the international fund for animal welfare there is plenty of evidence that noise is interfering with whale behavior. we talked with him via skype. >> a lot people people think
9:46 am
underwater out of sight, noise underwater should be regulated like noise on land. >> they need more research but they are open to change. >> international level we're listen discussing ways to modify propeller design and engine noise. >> some groups are petitioning the federal government to create speed limits for big ships, that could give whales more time to get out of the way. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> a woman buys a 3,000 machine from a door to car salesman andd
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9:48 am
[ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free,
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including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you dot want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something th they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. it is an old-fashioned way of making a sale but today there are still door-to-door sales people showing up in the bay area. one woman allowed a sales team into her home and found herself on the hook for a whole lot of money. here is michael finney with her story. >> lisa loves her new dog bella but her dog sheds a lot of hair. so she welcomed a door-to-door sales team. >> they said free rug shampoos. >> turned out they were selling kirby vacuum cleaners.
9:50 am
they went into the bedroom and started to scrub but it turned into an all day demonstration. >> i said you got to go and they stayed for hours and hours they talked me to buying a kirby. >> she gave in and signed this agreement. these would pay $2300 for vacuum cleaner plus $861 in finance charges. $3,411 in all. she paid $250 deposit and gave the salespeople her old vacuum cleaner. however, as soon as they left she wished she hadn't. >> what am i thinking. i got a small house. yes, there is dog hair all over but i don't need a vacuum cleaner that cost that much. under the contract and under state law, a consumer has three business days to cancel a sale made from a door-to-door sales
9:51 am
contract. she returned the kirby and she wanted her $250 deposit back. >> i said i would like my check back. they said we have take it to the office but i never did get it. i called over ten times. >> she kept calling the distributor, suds fringed san jose. >> they refused to talk to me. >> she went out and bought this simple vacuum cleaner and then contacted 7 on your side. we contacted the distributor. suds incorporated, owner tells us it was all a mistake. lisa's check was ready but never mailed. o'reilly said it was just a clerical error and we do take responsibility. he promptly refunded $250 plus $70 more for her old vacuum cleaner. now lisa is happily. >> they allow to cancel other
9:52 am
contracts too such as health club members have memberships. you'll find it all at i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> coming up next. the possible record-breaking weekend as the magic of harry potter comes to a close. don sanchez is next.
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yes, we have a check of your winning numbers from the $55 million super lotto plus game. mega was 26. no one got all six numbers correctly so wednesday's jackpot will be at least $58 million. harry potter,
9:55 am
record-breaking opening day at the box office. harry potter and deathly hallows part ii summoned $92 million on friday. nearly $20 million more than the previous record holder. it's on track to break the opening weekend record of $156 million held by the dark knight. so is it worth lining up to see? arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez takes a look on the aisle. ♪ ♪ >> harry potter. boy that has come to die. >> the final showdown, harry potter versus the evil lord baltimore. the ultimate battle of good versus evil. >> it helps if you read the books or seen the film so you
9:56 am
know who is who. familiar characters die. there will be some revelations. there is some no, sir certainly a gentleman. one comes for one last blowout. >> he is ripe for the taking. big battle is pay off, this is series that goes out with a bang. >> i think this film is satisfying to those that read the books and audiences that came to see the film. it's visually impressive and well written, overcoming fears and adversity and how we change as we mature. i went back to my notes first film with ten years with a young crowd that hung on every word. it was the same thing this time,
9:57 am
cheers and tears during the zreeng but the 3-d i found it somewhat murky, for that reason i'll give it a little less than a full bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. wod wondering if he was wearing his glasses correctly. >> looking outside. it's, low to mid 60s in san francisco and partial clearing. 70 in fremont, upper 70s in livermore. you now it's still cool earlier through the week and moderate warmup nor the rest of the week. >> thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. our next newscast starts at 5:00. have a good sunday. ♪
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